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Education Outreach

The Side-By-Side Program:
A collaboration between Monterey Symphony and Youth Music Monterey County

Since 2010, the Honors Orchestra of Youth Music Monterey County (YMMC) has been performing one work per season onstage with the Monterey Symphony. As part of the Side-by-Side concert preparation, students receive one-on-one and small group instrumental coaching from our symphony players. This inspiring experience gives dedicated, budding musicians a tantalizing taste of professional performing and offers our audiences a promising picture of tomorrow’s music makers.

To help our Side-by-Side Program stand strong, click here.

The YOSAL Coaching Program:
Playing our part with the Youth Orchestra of Salinas

The Monterey Symphony is committed to collaborating with local organizations providing excellence in music education. The Youth Orchestra of Salinas (YOSAL) provides the renowned El Sistema-style training, pioneered in Venezuela, to its extensive Salinas-area student population, offering daily afterschool music training for Kindergarten through High School students.

The Monterey Symphony provides professional coaches, selected from our performing roster, to offer coaching sessions to YOSAL students. These intensive sessions have a great impact on young musicians, not only in improving their technique on their chosen instrument but in developing their personal commitment to music and a personal sense of artistry.

The founder of El Sistema, Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, famously said, “give children musical instruments and they will never carry a gun: teach them to play classical orchestra music and they will learn how to live a meaningful life.”

Monterey Symphony musicians gave 150 hours of coaching to 300 YOSAL students from 25 Salinas schools in 2015/16, and our goal is to provide 200 hours of coaching in 2016/17.

YOSAL changes lives, and your support helps Monterey Symphony play its part

For more information about Monterey Symphony’s Education Outreach programs, contact Deanna Ross, Education Coordinator, at 831.646.8511 or

STUDENT RUSH OFFER /  Tickets for students at Sunset Center are $20 and may be purchased at the door ONLY; students will receive best available seating.

EDUCATION GROUP OFFER / Education discounts to our public concerts are available IN ADVANCE ONLY by contacting the Monterey Symphony at 831.646.8511 or email




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