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Ignacio Soler Pérez, bassoon

Ignacio Soler Pérez, bassoon

Ignacio Soler Pérez was born in 1991 in Alzira (Valencia, Spain). He began his musical studies at the age of eight at the Societat Musical d´Alzira with his professor Juan Sapiña, his teacher for eight years. When he was sixteen he attended the Centro Superior de Música del País Vasco (Musikene) where he currently studies, having as bassoon teachers: David Tomás, Álvaro Prieto and Javier Aragó, and as contrabassoon teacher: Vicente Alario.

He has supplemented his bassoonist and musical formation performing master classes with recognized professors such as Gustavo Núñez, Salvador Sanchís, Ole Kristian T. Dahl, Agger Svendsen or Kim Laskowski, while also contributing to classes by Sergio Azzolini, Marco Posthingel and Klaus Thunemann.

Ignacio Soler Pérez has been member of the following young orchestras: JOGV (Jove Orquesta de la Generalitat Valenciana), TWO (The World Orchestra), JONDE (Joven Orquesta Nacional de España), and ia a member of the reserve list of GMJO (Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester) SHMFO (Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival Orchester) with which he toured in Germany and USA, performing at such prestigious auditoriums as the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Semperoper in Dresden and Carnegie Hall in New York, conducted by Christoph Eschenbach, Christoph von Dohnányi, Thomas Hengelbrock and Lawerence Foster.

He has participated in several national competitions, achieving first place in the Concurso de Joves Intérprets at the Societat Musical d´Alzira (2006), finalist at the National Competition “Ciutat de Xátiva” (2007) and winner in 2008. Recently, in December 2010, he won the 9th edition of the “Certamen Nacional de Interpretación Intercentros Melómano.” For this last award he has given the opportunity to perform as a soloist accompanied by Spanish orchestra, ORTVE (Orquesta de Radio y Televisión Española).

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