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February 6th, 2017

Section Viola (two permanent positions)

Section Cello (two permanent positions)


February 7th, 2017

Section First Violin (two permanent positions)

Section Second Violin (one permanent position)

Section Second Violin (one 1-year position, possibly permanent)


Audition repertoire lists will be posted here approximately eight weeks before the audition date. Candidates who have applied before repertoire has been posted will be notified when it is available.


Winning candidates will be offered work beginning with our March 15-20, 2017 concert set.


2016-2017 compensation:

Section scale: $119.03

Travel pay: up to $56.01 daily based on home county.


To be considered for these auditions, please submit a resume to auditions@montereysymphony.org by 5:00 PM, Monday, January 23rd. References may be required.



Please send documents by e-mail, USPS or fax to:


Monterey Symphony Auditions

2560 Garden Road, Suite 101

Monterey, CA 93940

Fax: 831-644-0669